Morham Maine’s Maine-Anjou Beef Stud

Established in 2009

Brian, a diesel mechanic by trade, grew up on a small cattle, sheep, and pig farm in Yuroke Victoria. Then you have me: a bank officer and fitness trainer from Coburg Victoria, with no farming experience at all!

Brian and I were married in 1993, and set up our home in Wallan Victoria. We added our 4 beautiful children: Rhys and Aaron (born 1996, twins); Jarrod (born1997); and Brooke (born 1999) to our family.
Raising our 4 children on a farm was something we both wanted for our family, so in 2003 (when Brian was presented with a new work opportunity in Finley NSW) we jumped at it. We were excited about our new direction!

A couple of years passed when the opportunity to purchase a small 50-acre farm in Finley became available, and our dream of owning a farm became a reality. Brian and I purchased a small herd of Black Baldy cows to start our farming venture. One day, Brian was driving and saw a Maine Anjou Bull in a paddock, this led him to enquire about where he could purchase a Bull.

'Bully' a beautiful, 16-month-old, purebred Maine Anjou bull joined our herd. He looked magnificent. "Bully" as we affectionately called him became our Foundation Bull. Bully was used over our Baldy cows, producing impressive offspring. Our love for the bull: his temperament; his structure; his gentle nature; gave us the desire to buy some purebred cows to create our own Maine Anjou herd. In 2009 we registered our Stud Name "Morham Maine’s" and become a registered Maine Anjou Stud.

Rhys, Aaron, Jarrod and Brooke attended Finley High School and were involved in the school Ag program; learning cattle handling skills, breaking in, and leading cattle, which became fundamental in the development of the Morham Maine's Stud. Finley High School Ag Program gave them the opportunity to learn how to judge cattle (Junior Judging) and handle cattle in a show ring (Junior Handlers). As their confidence and experience grew, they became involved in the show circuit representing Morham Maine's, and also Finley High School.

As our stud grew we began to outgrow our 50acres. Our stud was still very much in its building stage: Brian and I invested in embryos and semen from Canada in a desire to have full-blood Maine Anjou (full-bloods have a direct linage to France where the breed originated). We were improving with each generation, doing well in the show circuits, and gaining success in selling to commercial buyers, but we needed to grow.
In 2015 we purchased a 240acre farm in Lurg, Victoria.

Brian, our children, and I still are very much involved in building up our herd to our own brand. We still attend shows and expo's to promote the breed and our stud. We continue to strive to develop new bloodlines and preserve only the best of our bloodlines. Brian and I have now branched into the export market and have semen available to purchase in New Zealand, Canada, and America.

Our Motto is "We Won’t Sell Anything We Wouldn't Buy", and we wholeheartedly stand by that.

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